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The company’s activities are divided into two business sectors:

1. Earthworks contracting and transport, and aggregate sales

2. Liquid fuel, lubricant and equipment sales

Napapiirin Kuljetus Oy is celebrating its 54th year in business. The company operates in Finnish Lapland via the following regional units.

Northern Lapland Southern Lapland
Bothnian Bay
- Ivalo - Rovaniemi - Tervola
- Sodankylä - Ranua - Ylitornio
- Kittilä - Kemijärvi



             We are a reliable partner.


             We are a professional organisation.


             Our personnel and body of entrepreneurs use the latest technology and engage regularly in continuous professional development.


             Our operations guarantee both the company and its entrepreneurs operational stability.


Our company operates in a professional and financially profitable way, keeping its sights firmly set on its long-term goals of securing work and earnings for our partners.


Napapiirin Kuljetus Oy was established and held its first general meeting on 5 February 1967. The founders of the company were a group of Lapland-based professional truck drivers who decided that operating collaboratively in Lapland would allow them to offer their customers the best possible comprehensive services and, at the same time, increase the profitability of their own business activities.

The company’s operations started swiftly with haulage contractor agency activities and soon regional offices were established all over Finnish Lapland. Although the company’s head office was in Rovaniemi, it wasn’t until 1970 that Rovaniemi got its own regional office, the most recent one to be established. Today we have 8 offices all over Finnish Lapland.

At the time of its founding, the company had a respectable number of partners in the company – almost 500 entrepreneurs – and a transport fleet of about 600 vehicles.

The company started its second line of business, fuel and lubricant sales, in 1969. At the time, the distances between refuelling points were great and the availability of fuel for worksites had to be taken care of separately. Consequently, we established refuelling points first in the form of worksite tanks outside population centres and later moved them outside our branch offices. Since then, our fuel sales have increased and expanded so that today the majority of our revenue comes from outside the partners in the company. Our largest customer groups are small transport and equipment businesses and home owners with oil heating.

In the beginning, our operations were mainly centred on serving large power plant worksites and also the government department then in charge of roads and waterways. In the 1980s, the company decided to start offering its own independent earthworks contracting services and purchased areas for soil extraction, as well as sites for rock, gravel and sand. Today, Napapiirin Kuljetus Oy is one of the ten largest suppliers of mineral aggregate in Finland.

After the traffic licence system changed in Finland in the 1990s, the company started freight transport operations which quickly led to rapid growth. At the end of that decade, competition got tougher and margins dropped. The company attempted to reorganise its freight activities, but the attempts were not entirely successful. As a consequence, we sold our freight operations at the beginning of the new decade and decided instead to focus on our core business of earthworks and liquid fuel sales.

We now provide earthworks all over Finland. In Sweden, we offer road maintenance and construction contracting through our subsidiary. In Russia, we have completed half a dozen contracts over the years.

We have now been in business for 54 years, which in the transport sector is more than a human lifetime, at least when it comes to transport fleets and equipment. Vehicles and equipment have seen huge changes and improvements over the decades, and companies in the sector have to keep up with these developments. We have maintained our competitiveness and ensured the efficient use of our transport fleet and equipment by adopting, in 2008, an enterprise resource planning system specifically designed for the contracting and transport sectors. Utilising information technology, this system allowed us to switch to real-time data transfer between vehicles, branch offices and the head office. Orders are now sent to vehicles electronically, and the decades of using a pen, paper and telephone to track and organise orders are history.

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